More Information About Antenatal Tests

We at LOLA understand that many parents may be facing, or may have been forced to make, what seem like impossible decisions about their baby’s future.

Antenatal Results and Choices or ‘ARC’ is a national charity based in the United Kingdom which helps parents (and healthcare professionals) through antenatal screening and the consequences of screening for those parents whose baby has a serious foetal anomaly.

For parents devastated by the news that their baby has a serious, and often fatal, condition, ARC offers non directive information and support before, during and after antenatal tests.

ARC offers support at the time parents are told their baby has a serious condition, when they are making indescribably difficult decisions about whether to continue or end a their baby’s pregnancy, and when they are coping with the complexity and pain of making decisions about their baby’s wellbeing and future, including bereavement.