Introducing EFT / Tapping

About Tapping and its benefits

Emotional Freedom Technique, sometimes called EFT or ‘Tapping’, is a powerful and fast therapy. It’s a very simple method you can use at home to help you relieve emotional and physical pain associated with grief and loss.

Tapping is like a gentle form of acupuncture that focuses on releasing unwanted negativity from the body’s ‘energy meridians’ using fingertips instead of needles. It’s based on the premise of Chinese medicine, that negativity disrupts the body’s energy system and affects physical and emotional wellbeing. Tapping is fast and simple. You can even work with a therapist over the phone, and it’s easy to learn and use at home so you can take more control of your healing.

Jo Rawlinson, EFT practitioner, explains what EFT or ‘Tapping’ is and how it can help you following the loss of your baby.

Tapping and your Physical Recovery

Tapping can be used for anything, from pain to headaches, anxiety to sleep disorders. Tapping points are connected with vital organs like the heart and lungs. Because grief often affects the lungs and heart tapping can release the effect of grief on the physical body.

Tapping and your Emotional Recovery

Trauma memory and negative emotions of grief – like sadness, fear, anxiety, anger – disrupt the body’s energy system.   Sometimes we can literally feel ‘stuck’ and unable to move forwards. Tapping is a powerful healing therapy that releases negativity without the need to focus on reliving it. By tapping on the ends of energy meridian points (like acupuncture or acupressure) it can quickly release emotion and bring a about a more positive outlook.

Tapping demonstration for emotional and physical pain

In this video Jo Rawlinson guides you through Emotional Freedom Techniques, (or Tapping).

You can try these at home to begin with. If you would like to have targeted Tapping therapy, you can contact Jo at for more information.