About Our Helpful People

Thanking the people who have brought Lola’s Project to life is much more than the performance of a required ritual; we are indescribably thankful to each one of the people mentioned on this page for their time, energy and expertise.

In addition to Lola herself, these are the people who are the core of Lola’s Project. From parents, family members and friends who offered their story, to professionals who willingly gave their time and expertise, as well as their families who so generously let us monopolise their precious time, too.

You are our blessings and we thank you here, from the bottom of our hearts.

First and foremost, to Mark Sinclair at yBC, who has been my dear friend for over half my life and who was instantly willing to help me create Lola’s Project. Mark has never given up on me, or Lola’s Project. He is my hero, and my friend and I am so grateful for him (and I indebted to his wonderful wife, Rachel and their kids for letting us have so much of him too).

Jason Rae at Scene Creative has come to us in the later stages of Lola’s Project but makes no less a contribution for it. He has created an incredible website platform for us to share LOLA with bereaved families and has worked tirelessly to do it. He is talented, kind, and incredibly lovely to work with. We are so very grateful for him and the incredible amount of work and time he has given to us, and Lola (and again, also indebted to his lovely wife, Michelle and their daughter for letting us monopolise so much of his time.)

For filming assistance and expertise, we thank yBC tv, Scene Creative and Marissa Holden at Holden Media Pro for their patience and talent. We thank Catherine Callaghan, Siobhan West, Tom Faulkner at Human Health and King’s College London at Somerset House for allowing us to film in your beautiful spaces. Thanks, too, to Helen and John Brooks and to others who were there as back-ups.

To our Practitioners – each one of you is generous and incredible at what you do. A winning combination for us, and we thank you all for your time and expertise. Without you, Lola’s Project wouldn’t be at all, and wouldn’t be all that it is. You are our incredible humans, and we thank you.

To the mums and dads and friends and family who have contributed your stories for Lola’s Project – all of whom are friends - we are so sorry for your losses, and so thankful for your kindness and your courage.

To others who have supported Lola’s Project in other ways, by introducing us to people, or helping out by writing and reviewing copy and design for the website, or helping us with Lola’s memorial bench, including Rachel Street, Maeve O’Connell, Jo Nash at Philip’s Footprints, Claire Mullord, Sally O’Brien, Ned Djordjevic, Tanya Holden, Ann Holden, Claire’s Uncle Joe in Aotearoa, Alan Wendt, Ian Clarkson, Shelley Hanley-Bore among others, our heartfelt thanks.

To our kind team of professionals in Dr. Lucy Chappell, The Thames Team of Midwives (especially Maeve, Jude, Jackie and Alison), Mary Mulkerrins, Zahra Famili, Mando, Cheryl and Sara as well as the kind folk at SANDS (in particular Katie Duff and Sue Hale), ARC and Philips’ Footprints – we wouldn’t have made it without you.

And finally to the many dear friends who have supported us and who have made such an effort to honour Lola and our grief at her loss in England, New Zealand, Jersey and across the globe – especially The Sinclairs, The Murtons, The Hinchliffes, Kirsty Gomersal, Kyja Washington, Claire Mullord, Sally O'Brien and so many others too - to all of you, both near and far, we are endlessly grateful to you all.