Guidance for The Future


Anniversaries and other special days like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas Day or big events and milestones for any other children you have or may know, are likely to be tough. For parents who have suffered the loss of their baby, because you don’t have a wealth of experiences together to hold on to, days like these can be distressing and painful.  Many parents who have suffered the loss of a child also say they find the days leading up to these dates particularly difficult.

 It is important around these times to create space for yourself and surround yourself with those who offer you the best support. You can also come back to the Lola Project and access our support on Mindfulness, Healing therapies and Wellbeing anytime you need it. We’ll be here for you.

Returning to work

Going back to work may be something you fear having to face, or something you feel you need to distract you from the intense pain of your loss. However you feel about your return to work, it will be helpful to discuss it first with someone you trust and also with your doctor, to be sure you are physically ready.


Before you go back, you may find it helpful to refer your employer and colleagues to the Guidance for co-workers that we at LOLA have prepared.


This pamphlet on returning to work, your entitlements and experiences, will also be useful to read through as you contemplate any return.

Future Pregnancies

Considering any future pregnancies can feel incredibly daunting following the loss of a baby. Your decision of whether and how to try for another child will depend on a range of considerations like your health, age, your relationship, your physical and emotional wellbeing, among other things.

If you decide to try and become pregnant again, this booklet on subsequent pregnancies prepared by SANDS, will be helpful. In it you will find information on how soon you may wish to try and become pregnant again, how you might feel being pregnant, telling other people, preparing for the arrival of another baby, labour and delivery along with how life might feel after bringing a new baby home.

As you consider subsequent pregnancies, you may also find this information, on having sex after baby loss, helpful too.

You may find this blog post useful on dealing with grief when you are pregnant after loss and may also find it helpful to consider these resources for additional support with mindfulness and managing any anxiety you may experience in later pregnancies: