This is for Mums

If you are a mum experiencing the loss of your baby, we are so sorry for your loss.

We at LOLA understand you will be feeling completely broken right now. We know you will be experiencing an extraordinary sort of pain and that you are likely to be shocked, frightened and completely overcome with grief. You may feel unable to function properly, perform ordinary tasks, or even leave the house, without feeling overwhelmed. Dealing with the day to day, interacting with other people, may all feel utterly beyond you.

To help you, we’ve provided information which is targeted at you – a mum who is both post-natal and suffering deep shock and grief – to support your emotional, physical and practical needs right now.

Your emotional wellbeing

By clicking here, you can find information on healing therapies. If you are looking for ways to help yourself heal, we explain how different types of therapies might help you in your unique situation, how they might heal your post-natal body, and your bereaved heart. In our information on healing therapies, our therapists have filmed short clips for you to watch which explain the specific benefits a range of treatments can provide grieving mums.

Your physical wellbeing

When you are ready, we have also provided Yoga and Pilates classes. These classes have been designed with you in mind, to help with your physical and emotional recovery after the loss of your baby. They vary in length and difficulty, ranging from short simple classes for beginners, to longer classes for mums who have more yoga and pilates experience, so that you can choose a class that suits you, right now, and later. Simply click on the class you want to try, and start your practice, without having to leave home, before you feel ready to do so.

You can also find some guidance on General Exercise and Nutrition for grieving and post-natal mums, in case that’s useful for you.

Giving Birth

Finding out at any stage of pregnancy that your baby has died or is dying, is a devastating shock. Delivering your baby after he or she has died may be very frightening for you and you may feel unsure of what to expect. We have provided information for mums on what to expect during labour and the birth of your baby here. We hope it is useful.

After you have given Birth

At the same time as you are struggling to cope with the death and delivery of your baby, you are likely to be  faced with making important decisions and preparations that you hoped never to have to make about your child. Here, we have provided some information and links to other sources so you know what to expect after your baby is born and to help you decide how you would like to say goodbye to your child.

Being a bereaved Mum

In case it is helpful, and mostly in case it makes you feel less alone, you can read Lola’s story here, as well as the stories of other mums, too. There are also a number of resources on this website which may hopefully help in various ways and SANDS offer a Bereavement App which you can find here.