Introducing Reflexology

What is Reflexology

Reflexology is the application of pressure to areas of the body - most commonly the feet, but also the hands, ears and face.

The theory behind reflexology is that each of these nerve points corresponds with different areas in the body through energy channels. By triggering these pressure points you trigger the body’s self-healing, addressing and balancing all systems in our body.

Massage and Reflexology therapist Janicke Michael explains how Reflexology works.

Reflexology and its benefits

The benefits of reflexology are many, including relieving physical pain throughout the body, increased blood circulation, improved lymphatic drainage, inducing a deep state of relaxation, fighting depression and promoting increased energy levels.

Janicke explains about the benefits of Reflexology.

How can it help with grieving and loss?

For someone going through the trauma and grieving for the loss of their baby, a reflexology treatment would be a wonderful and non-invasive way of helping address physical and emotional pains throughout the body. It would allow mums, partners and dads and others affected by babyloss the space to surrender to, and release, overwhelming feelings and tension, opening up energy paths in the body and will offering emotional release, peace, balance, lightness and relaxation.

Janicke explains about how Reflexology can help with Grief and Loss.

Where to find Reflexology

It is worth checking in your local area for a mobile reflexology therapist who may be able to give you a reflexology treatment in the safety and comfort of your own home.

If you are under medical supervision, check in with your doctor before embarking on any therapy.

Always consult a health professional before starting any exercise and listen to your body.