Welcome to The Lola Project.

Supporting bereaved mums and their families to take their first steps towards wellbeing after losing a baby.

If you are reading this, it is likely to be because you or someone very close to you has lost a baby. We are so sorry for your loss. We hope you find The Lola Project helpful.

The Lola Project, or lossofalovedarrival.com, was formed in loving memory of our daughter, Lola, who was diagnosed with a fatal condition, and born in June 2011. We aim to support mums and their families to take their first steps towards wellbeing after losing a baby.

After she was born, Lola’s mum found it impossible to cope with the pain of her loss, and knew she had to find ways to try and heal her grieving heart and her post-natal body. What she really wanted was some support and guidance on things she could do to gently ease her body and mind back to some place resembling normality. But it was hard to find information on exercise and therapies that would assist a grieving new mum. In particular, she couldn’t find post-natal yoga or Pilates classes which took account of both the physical and emotional needs of a mum who has given birth but doesn’t bring her baby home. And it was deeply traumatic to recite the story of Lola’s loss to therapist after therapist to see whether their treatment might be able to help someone suffering after the loss of their baby.

And so, The Lola Project was also born.

The Lola Project is a dedicated space for those who are suffering following the loss of a baby, offering bereaved mums and families practical and specially designed help with wellbeing.

The Lola Project has three main aims:

  1. To promote wellbeing for bereaved mums by providing specially designed yoga and Pilates classes, as well as guidance on general exercise, sleep, mindfulness and nutrition after baby-loss.
  1. To help mums and anyone else who is suffering after the loss of a baby to find out about healing therapies that might help them.
  1. To direct anyone who has come to Lola’s Project to the other, incredible support that’s already available.

Under the wellbeing and exercise tab, we offer free and specially designed, gentle Yoga and Pilates classes for bereaved mums, which take account of broken hearts as well as post-natal bodies, and which mums can do in privacy at home. Anyone experiencing difficulty sleeping following the trauma of losing a baby can also find helpful information on managing sleep difficulties, as well as more general information on nutrition and exercise to promote wellbeing.

The Lola Project also provides short videos under the heading Healing therapies to explain the benefits of a range of therapies and treatments and specifically how they might help anyone who is suffering following the devastating loss of a baby. Our aim is for you to get the information you need on treatments which may help you start to heal, without having to repeat the story of your loss to anyone else, in the hope of finding help.

In addition, while you are here, we at The Lola Project want to help you get easy access to wealth of additional support that you might need right now. You’ll find a directory for additional help at get support and under the heading helpful information you can find information on practical things you may need to think about following the loss of your child.

The Lola Project is not only a living memorial to honour our beautiful little girl. With the help of the incredibly generous people who have given their time, expertise and energy to build Lola’s project, we hope to share with you the human kindness that we were shown, and benefitted so much from, after Lola was born.

We at LOLA know this is a devastating time for you. We hope we can help you to find ways to begin to heal and build the strength you need to cope with your terrible pain and loss.

Always Remember You are not alone.

Where to Begin?

A few of our Contributers

  • Guy Meadows

    Dr Guy Meadows is a sleep psychologist who is dedicated to helping clients overcome insomnia.

  • Tom Faulkner

    Tom Faulkner is a chiropractor who is passionate about everyone getting the most out of their human potential, whatever is going on in their life.

  • Emma Lapidus

    Emma Lapidus uses yoga and meditation to help people to connect with their bodies and integrate healing into their practice, whatever their experience.

  • Helen Lincoln

    Helen Lincoln is passionate about human movement, and its potential to improve the quality of people's lives.

Our Practitioners