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We at LOLA understand that, alongside your deep grief, you may also be worried about what the future holds. For some, assisted conception and concerns about infertility may also be relevant. To help you find additional support, we’ve listed some websites and other resources you may find helpful.

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We at LOLA know from experience that suffering a miscarriage is devastating. The loss of a baby in those early, precious weeks of pregnancy can be a deep and scarring loss. It can also be frightening and lonely.

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Finding support and information after losing your baby can be difficult. While you are grieving deeply, you you may also be feeling lonely, overwhelmed and worried about what the future holds. There are many charities and organisations who offer a wide range of additional support, which we provide links to here.

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Antenatal Tests

Many parents may be facing, or may have been forced to make, what seem like impossible decisions about their baby’s future. Antenatal Results and Choices or ‘ARC’ is a national charity based in the United Kingdom which helps parents (and healthcare professionals) through antenatal screening and the consequences of screening for those parents whose baby has a serious foetal anomaly.

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Neonatal Care

We at LOLA understand that some of the parents and families who find themselves here may be facing the strain of premature birth, or neonatal care for their sick baby. To help you find additional support, we’ve listed some websites and other resources you may find helpful below.

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Infant Death

The sudden death of a baby or young child is devastating, and the loss of a precious child, incomprehensible for parents. If you are reading this, it is likely you or someone close to you has suffered the loss of a baby or young child and we at LOLA are so very sorry for your loss. To help you find additional support, we’ve listed some websites and other resources you may find helpful

We at LOLA recognise you may want to find more information to help you cope with the loss of your child. Here, you can find links to websites which provide additional information and support for anyone affected by pregnancy loss and related issues.

To get targeted support, look at the list of organisations and charities under each tab: infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth, antenatal tests, neonatal care and infant death.

If you need urgent help to cope with the distress you are experiencing as a result of your loss, please get in touch with the Samaritans. They offer support to anyone who is overwhelmed and in need of support or guidance about any issue at all. Contact may be made by email or over the telephone. www.samaritans.org/

If you or anyone around you becomes concerned about your mental health or a deterioration in your mood, then contact your GP, or in a crisis the emergency department at your nearest hospital, which has 24/7 care should you need it.

You may also find it helpful to contact the SANDS national helpline, which offers a safe, confidential place for anyone who has been affected by the death of a baby, whether their baby died long ago, or recently. The helpline is free to call from landlines and mobiles in the UK on 0808164 3332. The helpline can also be contacted at [email protected] for bereaved parents, other family members, friends and colleagues, as well as health professionals.

If you need urgent medical help and you are based in the United Kingdom, the following 24-hour nurse helplines are recommended:

Our resources here at LOLA don’t allow us to offer more direct support for you right now, and we’re sorry about that. You are welcome to contact us with feedback and comments on our website, which we welcome.