Here’s A Little
Helpful Information.

We at LOLA understand that losing your child is an overwhelming tragedy for you. We also know that finding and understanding helpful information can be really difficult right now. So we’ve put this section together to give you some practical help and guidance, after losing your baby. 

If you know your baby has died and are facing labour and delivery, you may be feeling frightened and alone. If you are a partner supporting a mum who will be giving birth, you may be wondering what you can do. In our section on giving birth LOLA offers you a helping hand as you prepare for the delivery of your baby.

We also offer guidance in after delivery to help you to cope with the physical and emotional effects of being post-natal without being able to bring your baby home.

LOLA also gives you information on Doulas in case you feel you’d benefit from a little extra support, either before or after you have given birth to your baby.

We also know that this is a time when you will have to face the challenge of dealing formalities which are likely to follow your loss, such as registering your child’s birth or organising a funeral. In our section on formalities we offer some help with that.

In time, you may also want to find special ways to honour and remember your baby and our section on honouring your child links you to a range of other websites offering wonderful and uplifting suggestions for ways to do that.

If you are here, we know that you will be experiencing deep sadness and that you will be finding so much so difficult right now. We hope you find this information useful and we offer you our heartfelt blessings.