More Information About Neonatal Care

We at LOLA understand that some of the parents and families who find themselves here may be facing the strain of premature birth, or neonatal care for their sick baby.

To help you find additional support, we’ve listed some websites and other resources you may find helpful below.

The Tamba Bereavement Support Group (BSG) exists to support all parents and carers of multiples who have experienced loss whether it was during pregnancy, at birth or at any point afterwards.

Premature birth

Bliss is a charity for babies born premature or unwell, offering emotional and practical support to empower families of babies born prematurely or who are sick. Bliss also work to improve neonatal care and to promote related research.

Neonatal care

Support for the Sick Newborns and their Parents, or SSNAP is a charity based in Oxford, England, which supports sick and premature babies in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit at the John Radcliffe Hospital.

Baby Life Line is a charity dedicated to supporting maternity and special care units across the United Kingdom.